My media

I have been really struggling to figure out what my media is. I use so much throughout the day that it is really difficult for me to attach myself to one. I am always attached to my phone waiting for texts and especially emails, but I am also attached to my ipod. With such strong attachments it is really difficult for me to choose just one, and incredibly difficult for me to imagine life without any of them. New technology scares me. I am afraid of what is coming in the future in terms of media and the technology involved. Every time a new iphone comes out I have a minor heart attack when I hear what new feature it has and the thought of google goggles haunts my dreams. Even with all of these fears, I am still addicted to my media. I held out on getting an iphone for so long but the second I gave in, I became attached. It scares me how fast we get attached to these things.

Attacking the Koch Brothers, Remembering Rwandan Genocide and more

I can’t believe it has been twenty years since the start of the Rwanda genocide.  I remember going in middle school to see the movie Hotel Rwanda starring Don Cheadle and someone in the audience walked out in tears.   While the movie came out ten years ago, only of the only scenes I remember is these men with guns taking people out of their houses. When one man resisted, he was shot. 

The Dirty Dic

After hearing my presentation, I think that the whole class now has an idea of what @TheDirtyDic is all about. The Dirty Dic(tionary) is educational, it’s satire, it’s off-color humor, it’s culture jamming. I’m hesitant to say that it is a divergent voice; because as I had mentioned in class, ribald and lewd humor is commonplace on the internet. I think that when these jokes make their way from text to voice, they beget repugnance and come across and very gauche. This type of shock humor is harder to execute verbally, and that is why I have chosen twitter as my medium.

Here are the links of similar projects that you all should be familiar with now:‎

and read up on what some people think about this type of internet humor here -

Excerpt: “The “for the lulz” attitude can be more broadly thought of as a rationale for the idea that everything is worth making fun of, nothing should be taken seriously, not even a guy getting punched in the face until he bleeds.” And I put this attitude to work in tweeting everyday. I try not to leave any moral stone unturned (well, maybe a few) and believe that you can find humor in almost everything. Once you put a face on it and talk about a real person who was sexual assaulted, then is ceases to contain humor. The idea of sexual assault, and bending the way we look at it or respond to it, that can create humor. The person who can laugh at everything is the happier person, and probably is a lot smarter than I. The article also touches on the debate of the internet making us dumber. Do dumb people assemble on the internet, or does the internet make us dumber, maybe it creates an environment to procrastinate in which is often associated with a lack of intelligence? There are many problems here, and the write-up is a good one, take a look.

I hope y’all can learn something and accept this project for what it is meant to be. Most of all, I hope you all learn some vocabulary from it. Check me out at


Pathetic Either Way

Pathetic Either Way

Immediate pet peeve to start with: First of all, it’s not awkward. The word “awkward” is used way too loosely all of the sudden in the last two-three years and I feel like such a simple but important word has lost it’s real meaning. Awkward is a harsh word from uncomfortable. Moments like this are not uncomfortable, they are just idiotic.

On another note, I think meme’s are pretty strange, kind of weird to say the least… I never have and never will post one on my own media because I feel like they are just a trend of the Online-life. I personally cannot stand trends and when individuals try to ‘be a part of the crowd’… Meme’s are a subtle way of doing so. That’s certainly my own opinion but since we have to post these, I found this meme to be perfect because it’s a meme making fun of meme’s. Knowingly how ridiculous it would be to use them in real life, why do we even bother using them on the Internet. Let’s be honest, the world has probably seen your meme-post more than five times within that month. And even more importantly, is this a different aspect of “trolling”? Except without the direct negativity to another…? Considering you would [according to this] say it online, just not in real life.

Youtube’s Saddest Comments

While listening to this podcast,  they started talking about Marc Slutsky the person who did the research on the youtube comments, my thought was well thats an unfortunate last name. I found it interesting how he talked about listening to old songs on youtube. He mentioned one where someone commented how it brought back the memory of them growing up and while they were walking down the street someone was blasting it really loud. Someone commented on another song talking about being a senior in high school and both him and his best friend were in love with this girl and listening to that song brought up that memory. It has been years since the Backstreet Boys were popular but I still listen to some of those songs all the time. In elementary school they were probably my favorite band although I guess they fall under the category of boy-band.

Downloaded Child– On the Media segment turned into an episode of Law and Order: SVU

This past week I was watching Law and Order:SVU as I regularly do and as I was watching it I found the story line to be very familiar. It turns out that this episode titled Downloaded Child followed the same story as the one that was featured on On the Media regarding the Child Porn Laws and Amy Unknown. Similar to the segment, a young girl had been mistreated by her relative who then took pictures and videos of her and published them on the internet. Of course, SVU put a spin on it and added  more details to the story line but the episode perfectly depicted the message. When I listened to the segment a while ago, I imagined what it must have felt like for Amy to go through what she went through and to see it on TV added more understanding.

Anyways, I thought I’d share the episode with the class because I thought it was interesting to see something we heard on the podcast come to TV and take its own interpretation of the information. The episode also does give some insight on the laws and why Amy had to sue everyone to get restitution. 

Here is the episode:

Ryan Gosling Memes

My sister sent me this during finals week last semester, she thought it would encourage me to study harder because Ryan Gosling was telling me to study hard. Instead it encouraged me to look at other Ryan Gosling memes that I found pretty amusing and interesting. 

Ryan Gosling memes have actually become pretty popular. Especially the memes about finals week, many people have done numerous variations of that topic. I think a lot of people actually like it because its him in the picture and his facial expressions are so intact with the message. 

Headphones in. Press Replay (My Media)

The moment I put in my headphones the world is still. I know I may sound dramatic but the moment I can just lay down and go through hours of music deciding what I am in the mood to listen to next is one of the most relaxing and self discovering moments anyone can have. As cliche this may sound I can be whoever I want in that moment. The best part is that music is found all around me and available for me to enjoy through any form of media. My music library is like a time travel journey, it takes me to the past to some of my most happiest and nostalgic memories. With just one tap of the screen, if I want it can take me to the future and inspire me to dream about where I will be and what could be. My iTunes also lives the present moments with me and does not judge how I am feeling.Music is that friend that will just sit with you and keep you company no matter what you are going through.  The feeling of adding music to my iPod and iTunes is like an adrenaline rush because you are excited to have something new to listen to whenever you want.  Discovering music is like finding  a new sound of the world that is a part of you that you have been missing. I think when I first hear a song on the radio, I just allow the beats and musical instruments take over my mind since that is the first thing that grabs my attention. If I fall in love with the sound then I immediately have to investigate what the name of the song is, who is the artist and what the message/meaning of the song is. Of course I add the song to my playlists.(I have the app Shazam that will identify any song/artist by hearing the song which has made it so much easier). When my favorite artists upload their music videos on YouTube I must watch them and see how they interpret the songs. It makes me feel more connected to the song and to better understand what the artists imagines the song is saying. I need to find a connection to the song, somehow if I can find at least one lyric that relates to how I feel at the moment or a memory then I will feel satisfied.When I discover a new band or artist that I really like I all of a sudden have a sense of ownership over the artist and their music. On Pandora or Spotify I can have an unpredictable journey where these media control my experience and what music I hear next. It is nice to just let music take you somewhere else.  At the same time I enjoy when a friend or family recommends a song or album to me because it is like they are showing me a piece of themselves. Each song that goes into my phone, or iTunes feels like it is mine and I can control where this music goes and who it touches. It is comforting knowing that wherever I go I will find some form of media that will allow me to listen to whatever I desire and as many times as I want by just pressing one tiny replay button.