Google Vs. China Article

Goojje vs. Google

 As we discussed in class there has been an ongoing feud between China and Google. Recently in the news, there have reports of people from China hacking into many Gmail accounts. In China, a censored version of Google was available but since the hacker attacks Google is starting to refuse censorship. China wanted to censor the information that was available. Google’s is the opposite of censorship. Google’s main goal is to allow access to endless amounts of information. It doesn’t look to good for a future relationship between Google and China. I found an article from the Economic Times called, “Goojje Not to Change Logo despite Objection.” This article discusses the issues between Google and “Chinese web portal Goojje.” Too similar I might add. Goojje has copied the Google look for its logo. According to the article, “The websites interface also imitates those adopted by Google Inc. and Baidu Inc., but falls short of the copy right sign and link indicating the website’s license number issued by the Industry and Information Technology Ministry.”  Apparently, Google has demanded that Goojje stop using their logo by next Monday or they are going to “file a lawsuit against them.” The websites founder, Huang Jiongxuan told China Daily that “it’s impossible that we could close it down.” To me this sounds like Google is going to file a lawsuit pretty soon. I found it interesting that Huang Jiongxuan isn’t scared because according to the article the website hasn’t generated any profit.


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