San Juan- Puerto Rico

After our last discussion in Thursday class I did a little search to find my hometown’s community website.  I came to find that my community doesn’t have a website nor forum, but the city of San Juan does.  The website titled San Juan Ciudad Capital (San Juan Capital City) was created by the city’s mayor: Hon. Jorge Santini Padilla.  This website is top-down for it is run by the government.  In it residents may find links to different topics, news, events, health, living, etc.


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  1. This is my towns website:

    My towns website offers a section for residents and a section for visitors.
    The residents section offers schedules of town meetings, forums, and many other important town information. The visitors section shows important landmarks, forums, and activities to do in the area. Therefore the website is a source of communication and information.

  2. I tried looking for my hometown’s website but as I suspected there are none for individual cities in my country. There is however a site for the country itself and its in english.

    It has local news and a lot of our local news that has to do in some way or another with anywhere else in the world. As most of the other links, it does seem like a site that is mostly directed towards tourists.

  3. Here’s my town’s website:

    Kennebunk is a small upper-middle-class-town, and also a huge center for tourism since we are surrounded by beaches and the atlantic coastline. The website, though, is more geared towards residents, although the tourism plugs are definitely there. I think it is a mix of top-down and bottom-up design because although it is limited, it seems to me as if there are ways for the community to be involved – not directly on the website necessarily, but there is a lot of information about how they can voice their opinions and join in the town meetings and such.

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