Community Television – Manhattan Neighborhood Network

Note the Alternative Media Handbook’s distinction it draws between access to community radio (112-113) and access to community television (125)., and ask yourself, Which allows more access to community voices?

I think a good representative of this point is actually from the book as well, the Manhattan Neighborhood Network (137-140). Take a look, and compare them to WNYC – which seems more diverse? Well-run? Inclusive?


3 thoughts on “Community Television – Manhattan Neighborhood Network

  1. After looking over both of the websites MNN and WNYC, I’d definitely have to say that WNYC is better run, more inclusive, and is just more fun and interactive. It doesn’t just have to do with the layout of the site either (although the site for WNYC is much more fun to look at). I think it goes back to the question of access. For different reasons, people feel like they can connect more with the radio community on a “regular person” basis. Although MNN is open to all manhattan residents and will provide training, that still closes out a LOT of people who might be interested. And most of those people don’t have the money to get their hands on equipment to make their own alternative video. Radio, on the other hand, is easier to access and can be more involved. Not always, certainly, but a lot of the time, and from these two websites it seems that that is the case. More people can join and have a radio show than can join and have an outlet for their videos.

  2. Hey Guys!!!

    Soo, for Puerto Rico there are not that many sites runned by the community to talk about their situations. There is a town close by where I live that has a government runned site that hosts activities and chatrooms for the residents of Guaynabo.

    Here’s the link if you are interested in cheking it out!!!

  3. I think community radio allows more community voices because community television is more informative and does not allow you to get involved as much.

    After checking out both websites, I believe that WNYC’s format is much better. It is straight forward and easy to use and less inclusive. I feel MNN is more inclusive because although it reaches international by streaming online, it is made by and for New Yorkers.

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