Video Diaries

I found the website of videos diaries collected by the BBC as mentioned in our book:

I watched a few of them and they seem well put together. There is a large variety of topics and many different contributors. There is also a spot on the website where you can submit a video, and filming tips to help out people who are interested in making videos.

I also found a woman, Cheryl Morgan’s personal website on which she posted some of her own video diaries. In reading about her on her site I discovered that she is a science fiction critic who used to have a fanzine as well. Her videos don’t have much fancy editing and the filming is a bit shaky. It just demonstrates anyone’s ability to publish their own video diaries online. Her videos seem to focus mainly on authors or science fiction/fantasy conventions. Here is the link to her video diaries and website:

I also stumbled across this website: It is another E-zine but it has sections for different types of media and if you go under the flash + movies tab there are some pretty interesting videos that combine written word, spoken word, and animation.


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