Student Media

This is for week 6. Apparently I read for next Week . OopS!

On pgs. 232- 256 of The Alternative Media Handbook, it discusses different forms of student media and student activism. I think that it is important for students to have an outlet where they can voice their opinions and concerns. It is also important for students to have a place that is their own. As we discussed in class today the importance of access. Some people have access and others don’t so as students it is important to use the access we are given to discuss anything and everything. Here are some examples of Student Media that I found: – Student Press Sourcebook

This is a portal to different websites of Student Media. The Student Press Sourcebook contains websites of various colleges where the students have come together to have their own space. – Associated Collegiate Press

“The Associated Collegiate Press is the largest and oldest national membership organization for college student media in the United States” ( – National Scholastic Press Association

“In 1921, the National Scholastic Press Association began helping high school students and teachers improve their publications. Today, that goal remains No. 1.” (


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