Vlogs – “Video Blogging”

Hey everyone!

So I figured since we have talked about blogs in class before that I might as well touch upon a subject that has spun off from the whole basic blogging idea: video blogging. Ever since youtube was created in 2005, it gave internet users (or as the book likes to refer to them just as “people”) the opportunity and resources to share their common interests with a completely different medium, video! These video entries are similar to blogs in that there are supporting media data links that are usually placed in a sidebar, which work in conjunction with the video entry itself.

I happen to follow the Philip DeFranco’s Channel on Youtube. He has three parts to his channel: THE PHILIP DEFRANCO SHOW, VLOGGITY, and LIKETOTALLYAWESOME. I highly recommend watching them all, and links shall be posted at the bottom if you would like to reference them.

Vlogs are unique because there is much more of an interaction between the Vlog’s host and its followers, whereby the followers have the opportunity to voice their own viewpoint on a specific video entry. The host then is able to discuss and communicate with the followers on a whole new level.

“The vlogs make me feel connected to the people watching them. Especially sharing new experiences, and small insight into my life. Watching videos is actually what got me up and doing things, and connecting with people.” -Philip DeFranco [courtesy of Youtube]

THE PHILIP DEFRANCO SHOW: Where the host reiterates recent news that occurred and adds a little humor to it.

VLOGGITY: Interactive video blog by which users can submit their own videos and be able to voice their views via video where there is one administrator.

LIKETOTALLYAWESOME:  Where the host gets to sit down and interview celebrities.

So check the sites out and see for yourself! Enjoy!


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