Addicting Websites

We were talking in class a couple of weeks ago about websites such as MLIA, FML, textsfromlastnight, etc. Below are the links to a couple of those sites. In some way, these sites are a way for people to join together to share a laugh or a groan over the antics of our culture. Is it a sort of community? It certainly brings people of all ages and from all over the world together. I’ve found that it even flirts with being a sort of harmless cult, in the sense that you’ll hear a perfect stranger talking about something and know immediately that they got it from MLIA or one of those sites. I was telling my friend a story in Dunken’Donuts one time, about something I had read on MLIA, and the girl checking out my order started grinning and simply said “MLIA?” I laughed and knodded and we both knew that we were “in the know”. Maybe it’s a little creepy, but that’s a testiment to how access to the internet is bringing people together in so many different ways. Maybe that’s taking the optimistic view, but it’s just interesting to think about.
Anyway here are some links:

What other sites to you all know about?


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