Ad Parodies

Our Alternative Media Handbook textbook talks about Adbusters group. They publish a magazine and have a website where they do parodies of well-known ads. Thier redone ads usually contain some type of anti-consumerist message. Their website is if anyone is interested.

I found another website that has a colection of Ad parodies:  It is set up like a gallery so you just click through the ads one at a time. Some are better than others. I noticed many of them are company logos that have been modified. Again many the ads have an anti-consumerist message. There are some that stood out in particular to me. One is for Shell, and it has the companies logo and the phrase “If there’s oil here, we’ll find it” but the backdrop is a beautiful mountain and lake scene that would be destroyed in the search for oil. There was also one with the Nike symbol that said “just screw them” instead of “just do it” and it was over a picture of what can be assumed would be factory workers. Other ads pointed out the conformity involved in fashion. It was interesting to look through them all and see the points being made.


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