Culture Jamming

In the Alternative Media Handbook, Chapter 10 (pgs. 162-177) discusses the topic of Culture Jamming. “Culture Jamming is reworking media images and forms to make a political or cultural statement.”After reading I searched for some of the culture jamming examples  mentioned in the book and then I looked for culture jamming not mentioned in the book.

In the book their is mention of a sweater which says “Bush is a Turkey.” After reading I went ahead and went to the website it was on and I found many other political sweaters on there as well.                                                                                                        Here it is:

Alternative Media Handbook also mentions an British graphiti artist who does  combination of political and culture images named Banksy.  Check the images out at they are very interesting.

The Yes Men are also featured in this chapter. The Yes Men were a group of “culture jamming activists” who pretended to be spokespeople for companies, making mock/spoof websites of corporate and governmental organizations websites. There has been a film about it. If you want to read more about them go here:

An example of culture jamming could be anti-advertisements: Here are a few anti-advertisements I found




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