Schedule for New Media Monopoly Presentations

Monday, 3/22

Forward & Preface – Sancious

Chapter 1: Common Media for an Uncommon Nation – Casandra

Chapter 2: The Big Five – Kayla

Chapter 3: The Internet – Brittany

Thursday, 3/25

Chapter 4: (Not) All the News That’s Fit to Print – Dillon

Chapter 5: All the News That Fits? – Laura S.M.

Chapter 6: Paper in the Digital Age – Loretta

Monday, 3/29

Chapter 7: Rebellion and Remedies – Emily

Chapter 8: “Won’t They Ever Learn?” – Laura V.

Chapter 9: From Mythology to Theology – Carolyn

Thursday, 4/1

Chapter 10: “Dear Mr. President…” – Raquel

Chapter 11: Only the Affluent Need Apply – Claudia

Chapter 12: Dr. Brandreth Has Gone to Harvard – Gabby

Afterword – Sancious

Update on other Bagdikian articles – Andrew (this may be moved to the following Monday)


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