F.A.T (Fuck.American.Television)

Hey guys!

Well, as you know I was working on an extremely short film called F.A.T. The film portrays the frustration of an American girl with the standards she has to supposedly live to. She tries to escape these mainstream influences of “physical perfection,” yet finds it impossible. The topic of beauty is one that particularly affects her, she hears the comments from her friends, sees it on the television and reads it in magazines.

It is a sad sad thing that the rest of the world has to pay for someone’s model of an idealized human being. I wish I had more time with this project, because I am certainly interested in taking out a couple of more “cuts” of this film. Perhaps make it a little longer, address the issue more aggressively. However, I am proud of the tiny little video that represents such a strong issue that affects most of the population in America.


Thank You and I Hope you Enjoy it!

-Laura Saillant


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