Another current example of how Internet has affected social movements…

I choose to focus this blog spot on internet and social movements, as of now, we have seen what is happening in Egypt with the use of the technology to help promote anti – government protests. In addition, I felt the interest of new technology, has allowed a person or people with common beliefs to expand their voices and promote social causes more than ever before. The Alternative Media Handbook has shown a great example of how the Internet has promoted social movement, which is the Zapatistas struggling in the Chiapas region in Mexico.  Chris Atton, author of “The Web and Interactive Media,” describes, “The cross cultural dialogue that the Zapatistas encourage through the publishing of their communiqués on the internet, the support they built up across the world, the visibility of their message enjoyed in mainstream media: all grew out of deployment of an international communications medium for a project of local resistance” (Atton 61). I feel this is true, and many cases with the internet has allowed ways in reaching audience to promote a social change or movement. The website I found called, United Students Against Sweatshops, is an alternative media website that is monitored independently, in where students produce and write their own articles, investigating about labor conditions in factories that produce college apparel around the world as well as violations of human rights. There have been instances where the writers have set the places and dates in order to promote strikes for social movements. This website not only relates to the book but it is also a great place to view of alternative media, with the use of the internet promoting social movement on people who share a common interests or belief.



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