I Am a Banana

After watching “Rejected”, I came away from it thinking that it was meant to criticize the media and society’s subjection to and acceptance of consumer culture that seems to penetrate every aspect of life. I found a clip on YouTube called “I am a Banana”, that takes a clip from the original “Rejected” video and tweaks it a bit.  The clip shows the banana repeatedly saying “I am a Banana” and bothering Super Mario, who grows increasingly irritated and eventually shoots the banana.  This rendition of “Rejected” and the original make me think that the message being sent is that the media infiltrates our lives to an excessive extent, whether we want them to or not, and that they endlessly promote products and services.  The use of Super Mario as being so fed up with the banana that he kills it could represent the idea of society versus the media, and the media’s overbearing presence in our world.  The banana constantly saying “I am a Banana” and even the original’s clip of a man with a giant spoon saying “My spoon is too big” seems to demonstrate something rather obvious to everyone, that does not need to be said.  In my opinion, these videos critique the media and how they are constantly sending messages to us, to the point where we are blinded by their power.  The videos may be saying that we should realize their extremely obvious influence on our lives and make it a point to change this cycle.





3 thoughts on “I Am a Banana

  1. I definitely see the Banana as the media and the banana as society. That is a funny video, I wonder if it was meant to portray something other than Mario shooting an annoying banana, though. Otherwise, did they really need to make an Italian be the guy with the gun?

  2. I agree with your comment about the media influencing our lives to and extent that we don’t even really realize it sometimes. It’s hard to understand that something is constantly trying to be sold to us even though the shows that we re trying to watch. Product placement is a good example. It’s a sub-concious way to sell us items. People watch a show for it’s content, but its hard not to soak in all the products being displayed purposely for us to “desire”. I remember reading somewhere that being people though media literacy should be taught at a young age to help children understand the influences around them.

  3. That’s a really good point! It could have purposely used an italian man with a gun to maybe show how the media perpetuates certain stereotypes. I hadn’t even thought of it that way. I agree with your product placement comment too Stephanie, the banana could also exemplify how brainwashed we are by the media just to buy certain things.

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