Can Government Really Help Regulate The Internet?

For this blog I want to discuss self-regulation of the Internet. Throughout this week’s reading, the book states time and time again that “self-regulation is almost always a misnomer. It hardly ever exists without relationship to the state” (Verhulst, 339-340). However, I have to question how the state can manage to help regulate something that is evolving at a faster rate then any government could imagine. A government by any standard is slow. If you take the United States government for example, it moves at such a slow pace that it can take years before any type of regulation can be put into effect. The Internet on the other hand is always evolving. Websites are constantly updating and changing and moving around. So, by the time the state has come to an agreement on what they can regulate on the Internet, the Internet has evolved and become so much more complicated that it becomes virtually impossible for the government to impose any regulation. This brings me to my big questions: Can the government really help regulate the Internet and can their attempts to regulate be more intrusive than helpful? I’ll leave you with two links one from about Internet regulation and net neutrality and the other is a video from G4tv’s Attack of the Show about the government regulating the Internet by invading your Internet privacy.

-Bryan Gleason–DOJ-Take-On-Internet-Data-Privacy/ – p2


2 thoughts on “Can Government Really Help Regulate The Internet?

  1. WOw, great post. I completely agree with you, the government can not keep up with the way the internet is constantly updating and changing each minute. The only possible way to stop the internet would be shut it down entirely, and that would never happen in the United States. However, with the unfortuante circumstances in Egypt, we are seeing how their government completely put an end to any other possible plots forming through the internet. Great post…do you think in the future their will be stricker enforcement on internet regulation?

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