Rejected to be accepted!

I think we can all agree that “Rejected” is a very strange video; although with a deep message behind. It was incredible to see all the different versions of this video and how people have taken this ideas and made them their own in their re-editions of it. I start wondering why people put that much attention to this video. Is it because it is funny, or is it really because people have understood the message behind it and agreed with it and wanted the world to know that they supported this ideas. From some videos I can say that many people just found it funny and just kept joking with it; although some of the re-editions made me believe that people actually got the message. I think that the video shows the power of big corporations and the media, and how many times they shape our lives. Even if we don’t want to be influence by it, we need to accept that to a certain point they do have some power over us and shape how we live our lives, what we think of others, etc. I think that having this video become so important to the point that it even won an Oscar, proves that even if corporations and the mainstream media have a lot of power over us; thanks to convergent media we are now able to express our opinions, and in a way have even taken some of that power from the media, becoming ourselves mass communicators through new mediums like blogs, YouTube videos or through social networks like Facebook. After all, sometimes you have to be rejected to open everyones eyes and finally be accepted.


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