Rejection…becoming less rejected?

I saw this video when it first came out when I was about 15. At that time I thought it was funny and obviously a little strange but didn’t think about it again. Seeing it now with the perspective of our class really made me think about the true meaning of the video. Our society is conditioned into acting in a certain way; a way we see transcribed in the media each and every day. I think that Don Hertzfeldt was giving the media, society and these “companies” a wake up call.  I titled this becoming less rejected because this video won an Oscar. It seems as though alternative media/ divergent voices are becoming more and more accepted. Things that would have been “rejected” last year, are accepted this year. I believe the media is slightly shifting more and more, depending on these divergent views.

I found this video, I don’t know if it applies but I liked how they put the two together:


One thought on “Rejection…becoming less rejected?

  1. This is actually a quite interesting mashup, Carolyn! We’ll have to talk about mashups in class soon. (We already kind have, when we talked about The Grey Album.)

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