Interests in Zines!

I never knew there was such a way for anyone to produce and make their own magazines away from mainstream and even distribute it. The section on Zines, introduced in The Alternative Media Handbook, written by Katie Haegele, describes zines, “…is an independantly published magazine, a photocopied booklet, an alternative native newsletter, a DIY journal…” (108). Zines can be made and contibuted by a single person or many and it can be about any subject too. Haegele also informs readers how zines are distributed which they, “….produce their work outside the publishing mainstream, zinesters must find alternative distribution channels as well” (109). Which is curious in how they do that and it could be through the use of writing and new technologies such as blogs to sell and promote their work. Haegele tells, ” Networking sites like LiveJournal and MySpace allow zinesters to build free pages and promote their work and meet lots of people doing the same thing” (109). The book, gives an example of a free zine online which is:

which I feel is a good example of a zine, where anyone can publish their own work on the site and read their work online. They also list on the website with the use of youtube and myspace, to help get their site promoted.  Zines are a good way for people to write and express their views as well as for those who do not write or can still express their opinion on the subject matter. I feel a final project working on a zine, would be another great and creative way to express my views on topics that interest me. The only case, I would like to know is how to promote it in such a way for weekly distributions.


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