Pirate Radio

The one chapter that really spoke out to me in the The Alternative Media Handbook was the chapter that spoke about pirate radio.  It is really amazing that people can take something as mainstream as radio and create a divergent voice to express how they feel.  This is away from the hands of the FCC.  This chapter made me remember that Family Guy episode, when Peter Griffin made PTV because he was fed up with the company and their right to censer anything the please.  I found this website that actually gives you many links for different types of these radio stations. It is also free so take a chance and look at it cause it is pretty interesting.  If anyone is interested in this subject, there is actually a really great movie I saw in my intro to mass comm. class.  It is called  Pump up The Volume.  It is with Christian Slayter and it is about a teenager that has his own radio station and he speaks about anything he wants.  You can actually find the full movie on youtube.


One thought on “Pirate Radio

  1. I checked out the website you posted, It’s pretty cool. I agree that it’s pretty awesome how promoted their own voice away from the control of the FCC.

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