Facebook: 24 hours online

So today as most days when I came back to my room at night I went on Facebook, checked my notifications, wished Happy B-day to my friends, responded some messages, and after I had nothing else to do on Facebook I decided to check the News Feed to see if something interesting was going on in “my community”. For my surprise I found a video that one of my friends posted that really made me reflect of what has Facebook become for many people. Ironically, I watched this anti-Facebook video on Facebook. I personally believe that Facebook is a great communication tool in many different aspects. As we discussed in class, Facebook has been one of the first social networks that has kept the “online” world very close to the “offline” world. What I mean by this is that because most people are on Facebook, this has become a communication tool that helps people keep in touch with their social life at all times. Events are posted on Facebook, you get invitations to the events, after the events you can go on Facebook and probably find pictures of this social reunions, you can talk to your friends without having to physically be in the same place, etc. Personally in my case, Facebook has helped me keep connected to my friends back home and people who I have known my entire life, who live around the world. I can see what they are doing, how their life is going, if they are studying or working, if they are single or got married, and even occasionally I can even chat with them. All this might sound great; but to what level are we really just using Facebook as a tool to keep connected to our social life? Has Facebook actually become our own little online life? This video really shows you things we all have experienced on Facebook that makes you reflect how this communication tool has become for many a lifestyle or a life it self. I know people who literally are connected 24 hours to Facebook. My friend has Facebook application on her BlackBerry so every second she gets notifications. She takes pictures with her phone and post them on Facebook, she stays hours deciding on which should be her profile picture, and while doing all these, she has already missed valuable hours of real socialization with her real friends. Because of her addiction to Facebook, she ends up socializing with people just through posting on their walls instead of interacting with them when she has them in front. She carefully selects which pictures she should upload to Facebook to keep up with the profile she has created on Facebook. Basically, she has created a life on Facebook that consumes most of her time. Many people stop living their life to live this virtual customized life they have created. I have always been pro-Facebook, and i still am to a certain point. As I said before I think that in many cases Facebook has become a great engine to communicate and keep connected with your friends no matter where you are in the world. For my mom it has been a tool to reconnect with those friends she has lost contact with because she lived in many different places during her younger years; and this social network has gave her this great opportunity. The problem comes when you stop living your real life in order to live a fake, virtual life that you have designed for yourself on Facebook. As most things in life, Facebook has its positive and its negative side; although, I think that we all need to be aware of how Facebook is actually influencing our lives because we are all in risk of being consumed by the virtual world and the online community. I would really encourage to watch this video. Believe me, you will identify with it at many moments. Here is the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8UouP8cRYZ8&feature=player_embedded#at=348 Please tell me what you think about this video and make a reflection of your own life and tell me how consumed do you really feel?



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