Online Communities – Xbox 360

Professor Proctor mentioned that he would like one of this week’s blogs to be about online community.  Obviously, I am going to have to write a little bit about Xbox Live.  When the original Xbox came out on November 15, 2001 in North America and Puerto Rico, gamers rejoiced.  FINALLY, a gaming system with cool, relatively consistent graphics, by Microsoft, with great multi-player capabilities.  But, of course, within about twelve hours of getting the system, many gamers wanted to know, “Ok…what next?”  Then, less than 6 months later in 2002, came the amazing Xbox Live.  Now people could play their sports games and first-person shooter games with their friends all over the world.  All you would need is a headset and a monthly subscription to Xbox Live.  I could play the army game Counter Strike with my friend in Texas and speak to him simultaneously.  If I am good enough at the game then I can establish some kind of reputation so when my name comes up on other people’s queue, they will fear me.   People continued to become nationally and globally ranked and the games got better and better and now, today, we have xbox 360 Live.  Amazing graphics, high speed internet connections, high definition televisions, yes.  Now, there are over 8,000,000 members on Xbox Live.  People can chat with each other, play with each other, share pictures with each other from their facebooks, go on twitter, download music and share, all while destroying aliens in Halo Reach!  This community is an ever-growing example of a mainstream, specialized community that is updated constantly.  Twelve people from anywhere in the world playing with or against each other in any compatible game while speaking/trash talking with each other…what could be a better example of an online community?

Here’s a taste of what the xbox live community is like…

Shane Kelly


One thought on “Online Communities – Xbox 360

  1. I’m not a xbox player myself, but I did play a fair amount of PlayStation. The games that I played was usually sports games and I rarely played by myself. Most of the time I played with my friends in a 4 player mode. This was something we spent a lot of time doing after school and sort of a social activity that gave us something to do. After high school, we all moved to different parts of Sweden, and for quite awhile we played together online. We did not have the headset, but there was sort of a chat that we could communicate on. I do agree that it is a great online community, and i really wonder what the next step within the gaming industry will be.

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