This Link Is More Than A Comment: Facebook Video

As I was reading the blog tonight, my favorite topic “Facebook” was written about and I decided to not only read the blog, but also to view the video of over 6 minutes of thought about my own use of Facebook and others. I have to admit that this video did not change my view of Facebook…I love Facebook! It is the only way that I am able to live far away from family and friends, have a busy schedule, and yet still keep in contact to those who helped me become who I am at Manhattanville today. I encourage you to watch this video and then watch it again. If you are like me, the first time it will make you angry and then the second time you will be able to draw conclusions and formulate an arguement and form several conclusions. Here is the link: Below are my conclusions…I must admit my love for Facebook and the social connection it has given me to home has not changed, but I can understand the positives and negatives of each situation, sort of.

1. I think the title of the video “You need to get off Facebook” is a completely inappropriate title for this video and an unrealistic request to its viewers. There is no need to totally get off of Facebook, although there is a need to maintain quality face to face communication skills aside from Facebook and of course, there must be a Facebook balance time just as with everything else in life. Everything including Facebook is okay in moderation!

2. The video points out the use of abbreviations on Facebook and attempts to get the viewer to believe that Facebook is changing our communication, spelling, and overall educational skills. I disagree and actually feel that abbreviations are used more heavily in other forms of communication including text messages and even emails these days. And yes, I too use abbreviations when text messaging and Facebook “chatting,” but I would never think to communicate a professional message using abbreviations. Again, let’s have a balance in our lives and make people accountable for the proper communication in the proper situation instead of labeling Facebook like it is the devil.

3. Tagging: the entire section of this video was a surprise to me. I personally do not have time to look through everyone’s photos uploaded from their mobile device or of their recent family party, but I do appreciate being tagged, so that I am directly sent to photos that include me, most likely photos that I want to see. Tagging is a personal preference that maybe some people do not care for, but again it is no reason to “get off of Facebook.” How about we all try communicating to our Facebook friends what we like and do not like? or we could always click the “remove tag” button on the photos we have been tagged in if we would perfer not to be tagged on Facebook.

4. The video also discusses the concept of “friends” on Facebook. I did agree with the video when it discusses that our “friends” on Facebook are not truly our “friends.” I think we have to make individual people on Facebook accountable for their actions…if someone requests you and you do not want to be their “friend” then do not “friend” them. Facebook is full of personal choices, and I think it’s time that many people make some. Also, we have all be involved with “friends” in our lives that are not truly “friends”…people who have gone behind our backs, people who have vanished over something silly, or people that we have grown apart from. Facebook “friends” and true “friends” could be one in the same depending on what your definition of a “friend” is. So instead of removing yourself from Facebook entirely, consider who your true friends are and protect yourself as you always should whether on a social media network or not.

5. And there is the question of having photos on Facebook for others to view. The video argues that people “judge” the photos on Facebook and so therefore it is a negative thing to put your photos on Facebook for “friends” to see. News bulletin: people judge you every second of the day, even without pictures on Facebook. And again, putting photos on Facebook is a personal choice. I would like to make a video to follow-up with this video…Facebook: Making People Accountable. I would suggest not posting photos that create the wrong preception about you or a preception that you don’t want others to have of you. We all make choices and posting photos on Facebook is a choice, a rather important one for those of us hoping to get a job within the next year or so. So think about your Facebook…Do you have anything to hide?

6. Games and Pokes! I have to admit these applications get a little old from time to time, but it is no reason to completely remove yourself from Facebook. For busy students, I would suggest making the personal choice to block applications and choose what games you want to play and which ones you want to play, if any. And when it comes to poking, I agree, it’s dumb and a waste of time, but I promise that if you don’t return the pokes that you receive your “friends” will eventually stop poking you. I feel that Facebook is a social media that you can customize to various degrees…they have to offer these games and pokes because there is a Facebook audience that loves them and many that use Facebook because they are addicted to a game or poking. So let’s let them have their fun, and make our own choices depending upon how much time we have for Facebook and what we like or dislike doing.

So that’s my rant…I just feel as though we should stop blaming Facebook for poor personal decisions and instead be grown-ups and make the best decisions for us! If we don’t get our schoolwork done because we are on Facebook, WE didn’t make a good choice and therefore did not get our homework done. Facebook doesn’t physically hold you back from completely your assignments. Something to think about and something I’m very passionate about.

I LOVE Facebook ❤


One thought on “This Link Is More Than A Comment: Facebook Video

  1. Just a quick comment. I was flipping through the blog and saw this post so I watched the video. I have to say I really loved it, and thought it made some great points. While this did not persuade me to “get off Facebook”, it did remind me that we are all much more interesting than our Facebook profile allows us to be. I think the main point is to not forget that we are all real people in a real world. This being said, I don’t think we should allow an online community to dictate how people think of us. We need to take more responsibility for what we put on Facebook, and be more conscience of the message our profiles, posts, pictures etc. portray.

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