Co Op, Bronx, NY website

I was looking for my home website online.  I am from the Bronx, but I actually live in Co Op City.  This is located in the Bronx.  This link is a wikipedia article about my hometown, it is not the actual website for my town, but it does gives vital information about the area.  Finding this website was extremely easy.  All I did was type it in google and I found it.  It was the first link that popped up.

The website is very generic and it really doesn’t showcase any community aspect of Co Op City.  All it does is give information and shows the apartments that are available in the area.  I have lived their all my life, so seeing all of this information isn’t new to me.  I could actually make a better website about my community. This site looks like it wants to just sell the community.  Anyway this is the website for my hometown.  Click here for the link.

Co Op City also has a facebook profile.  Of course, I liked the page because of the obvious.  This actually seems more interesting than the actually website for my hometown.  It shows how many people who liked the page and even has a link to the wikipedia page.  The link is here.


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