Hanover, PA…A lack of quality media!

Here’s the link for the Borough of Hanover, PA Website: http://www.borough.hanover.pa.us/

I am originally from Hanover, PA and lived there for 17 years before coming to Manhattanville College. I have always struggled with how to explain to people where Hanover, PA is or what Hanover, PA is other than the fact that it is the home of Synder’s Pretzels and UTZ Potato Chips. After finding the website for the Borough of Hanover, I realize that my simple explanation about the snack industry there still passes the information on the town’s website.

First of all, the website is completely white with no pictures at all. BORING! And then I continued to try to finger out why the margins were so off, but that they are. It is as if all of the content is in one skinny column down the middle of the page and the rest of the page is blank…and white.

The website has a lot of links that take you to other pages that are not well-constructed either. This is a very top-down website as the user cannot give their opinion on anything and would get bored pretty quickly with just clicking on boring links. Most of the information given by the links is very general and links to other national pages like the “FBI,” the “National Weather Service,” and “Time Zone Converter.”

If I were evaluating these websites using a star system, I would give this website “1 Star” because it needs to be completely redone.

If someone wanted to learn about Hanover, PA, I would direct them to the Chamber of Commerce Website instead. Here’s the link: http://www.hanoverchamber.com/ 

This website is much more visually appealing with pictures, links, advertisements, and a quality use of color. Although there is not a public forum directly on the website, there are links to a facebook page, twitter account, and a linked in account. This website would also be helpful to tourist because it includes a business directory, a newcomer guide, a workforce center, and a calendar of events.

If I were evaluating these websites using a star system, I would give this website “4 Star” because it includes so much useful information about Hanover, PA in a visually appealing manner. The only suggestion I would have is to create smaller margins and open a town or business forum directly on the homepage.


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