My Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Finding my hometown webpage proved to be as difficult as explaining to people where my hometown is. My hometown, Tarzana, is actually a small district in the San Fernando Valley. The San Fernando Valley is a region in the city of Los Angeles, California. I went in search of a government website for my hometown, but couldn’t locate it. After looking for a while, I decided to try looking for a website for the San Fernando Valley or as it is more commonly known “The Valley.” However, I was also unsuccessful locating a website for “The Valley.” So, I gave up, just like how I’ve given up trying to explain to people where my hometown is. Instead I tell them my hometown is Los Angeles and not to my surprise, in less than a minute I managed to locate a website for the city of Los Angeles.  The website appeared to be run as a top-down website, with little to no community interaction. I did notice that the website was big and included newsletters and publications, but they are all for government operations. The website provides information for residents, but does not appear to promote community interactions by way of blogs or comments. This is most likely due to the city’s size and apparent lack of other websites for smaller communities around Los Angeles. Below is a link to the website so you can take a look for yourself.

City of Los Angeles website:

– Bryan Gleason


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