The Olsen Twins

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are most famously known as Michelle Tanner from Full House. From the time that they were infants, these twins have been  prominent figures in the media. Once Full House was over Mary-Kate and Ashley branded their name and talent with Dualstar Productions. As CEOs of this company, they began starring in their own feature films and creating tons of products to market their names and image. Today they are mostly known for their fashion line Elizabeth and James but you really cannot separate them from Full House and Dualstar Productions. Many times they are targeted in the media for questionable choices that they may make, but we forget that they are 24 and no longer Michelle Tanner.


6 thoughts on “The Olsen Twins

  1. This is true, especially because most people still see them as those cute girls and thus limit their potential to expand their careers beyond Full House and Dualstar. They have been unable to escape that image and their brand did not evolve with their own lives, so their success has diminished over time.

  2. This is so true, especially because most people refuse to see them as anything but the Olsen Twins. Neither has been able to break from that image and their brands have not evolved over time with their lives, so they are stuck in this perpetual childhood fame and can’t reach success.

  3. This is sad but true. Even after movies like Passport to Paris and New York Minute, that weren’t huge movies but had a following because of the twins, they still have been unable to break away from Full House. Mary-Kate is going to be in a new movie and when my sister saw the commercial her reaction was “hey, isn’t that the girl from Full House?” This is something, that I feel, happens with a lot of child stars when they try to break away from a well known part they once played, they’re always going to be associated with those parts but some are lucky enough where that’s not all they’re known for.

    • This weekend I also saw the commercial for the new movie she is going to be in called Beastly and the same thing happened. My first reaction was “Is that one of the Olsen twins?” I was surprised to see that Mary-Kate Olsen was in the movie, and at first I had no idea which twin it was. They have always been known as the Olsen Twins and this causes people to refer to them as such, even when you are only referring to one of them. One of my friends also said that she was only going to see the movie just because Mary-Kate was in. This shows how much of an impact they had as child stars. She doesn’t seem to even have that big of a role yet people will go see the movie just to see her in it. It’s so true they they will forever be known for the role they played as Michelle Tanner in Full House.

  4. This is kind of a sad story of fallen icons. These actress were type cast since they were toddlers. They never managed to escape the gimmick of being twins, so they inevitably fizzled out of the public spot light. I mean, I haven’t heard about anything they have done in movies or otherwise since the drug rehab thing. It is a sad fate that is all too typical for child/teen icons.

  5. This is a perfect example of a brand that was originally so strong, that now it is to hard to break through. The Olsen twins have been one of the biggest young brands. They started doing commercials and almost immediately, still as babies at the TV show “Full House”. Growing up they became this brand, “The Olsen Twins”, who created many movies (not on theaters), becoming every teenage girls icon. Their movies weren’t even that good; most of them were exactly the same story, but in a different place. Example of this: “Passport to Paris”, “When in Rome” and “Winning London”. The story line of this movies wasn’t great, was very mainstream, and almost all the time the same; although they had success. They created their own jewelry and clothing line. They had their own magazine and even video games. Their power was unstoppable. Although, at the moment they wanted to stop being the cute girls and become individual successful actresses; it didn’t work. I think this is because there were to many years of presenting them as one thing, one brand; that it didn’t make sense in people’s mind that they are actually two individuals. This in a way got to the end of the Olsen Twins brans. A brand that will be always remembered, but hardly become active again in my opinion. They have grown apart, in different such different paths, that they would hardly be able to represent the brand they were.

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