South Park

Last class we spoke about pretty much icons.  Rather then speak about one person, I will speak about two people that created an impact to society.  Matt Stone and Trey Parker may not be familiar to you, but there product is something that is never unrecognized.  South Park started its run on August 13, 1997.  Since then, they have been a subject to protest, outrage, and even terrorist death threats.  What makes them so iconic is the fact that they do not care.  They take such subjects that are taboo to talk about in society and they speak about how they feel about it.  Both partners have made fun of high school musical, twilight, religion, nazi’s, sex changes, terrorist, politicians, facebook, and jersey shore.    The list goes on, on what they made fun of.  ALthough this show is mainstream,  it actually has a strong stance on stating the facts. South Park Studios is where all of the episodes are shown and can be streamed straight to your computer.  I feel although all of the episodes are entertaining, there are some that are important to see and digest the message.  “Breast Cancer show” is an episode that the main character Eric Cartman is making fun of Wendy’s project cause of his ignorance for the disease.  Shane Kelly spoke about World of Warcraft and how it was addicting.  The episode “Make Love, Not Warcraft,” shows how far people will go just to get their entertainment and fun back, with World of Warcraft.  But by far one of the most important episodes is both episode 200 and 201.  You cannot find this episode though.  They do not show the episode because Comedy Central does not want to show it cause of its content.  John Stewart actually spoke about it and sums up what happen.


One thought on “South Park

  1. This is a good example of regulation. Some of South Park’s episodes are censored and unable to be viewed because of their mature and offensive content. I think it is more imposed regulation than self, even though it is placing this regulation on content it is essentially blocking viewers from seeing it through certain service providers.

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