Using technology instead of actually speaking

My little brother, he’s 7, asked me today if he could have some friends over.  I figured this would help distract him while I did my homework so I let him.  I went to the kitchen to get something to eat and when I came back they were all playing their Nintendo DS.  The DS has a feature that connects you to other people that are playing near you so you can interact with the other kids.  This made me think of what we were talking about in class on Thursday.  I don’t know about you but when I was 7 and asked for friends to come over or to go to their houses I didn’t go to sit there and play with video games and not talk to each other.  My brother and his friends sat there for a while without even speaking just playing the game.  The only time that they did speak was when they decided which game to play next.  The technology that we have surrounded ourselves with has started to change the way we interact whether we realize it or not.  The way we talk to people has changed and the way we act when others are around has too and with the example of my brother all I can say is that I don’t see it getting any better with younger generations.  This is a picture of what I walked into from the kitchen (the middle one is my brother) :

Then I also started thinking about how this translates to my life now that I’m older.  When I’m in the middle of a conversation with someone I usually am not texting, bbming, checking facebook/twitter, etc.  but when I’m with someone that I spend a lot of time with I’ve noticed that it isn’t unusual for us to be on our phones.  I have these two friends that were always at my house before we went to college and even now during breaks.  During one of the breaks they both came over and we all caught up for a while and then we were just sitting there talking and without even realizing it we all took out our phones.  My mother was the one that caught us and didn’t even tell us that we had done that until after she took a picture.  Even though we hadn’t seen each other in a while it’s like we felt that if we weren’t answering people or checking facebook/twitter then we were going to miss something important which we all know isn’t true.  This is our picture (me on the right) :


One thought on “Using technology instead of actually speaking

  1. This is a fantastic follow up to our conversation in class on Thursday. It reminded me of the situation that I watched at my sister’s birthday party last weekend, but also got me thinking about use of video game technology in our society. I think the younger generation is becoming primarily focused on the “virtual reality” of video games. I was interesting to see that you and your friends were doing the same general thing, even though you were not gaming. We all are connected to technology and media, no matter how often we sometimes discuss that it is taking over our lives and others. Good post!

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