Product Placement

After hearing the presentation on product placement in American Idol and how the show strategically supplies each of its judges with Pepsi throughout the season, I realized that most of the time, we are aware of this obvious method by industries to buy consumers and we knowingly give into it. We always see certain products and ads that become associated with a show and that we then use simply because we love the show. I had never really thought about how ridiculous it is until now, the idea that a product is forced upon us so obviously and the fact that we continue to respond to it. The Truman Show mocks this concept in a way, as it follows the life of a man who is unaware that he is on a reality television show. Others are watching him and the viewers know that his life is televised. There are even parts of the movie where products are shown to represent advertisements directed at the audience. The movie makes it seem so cheesy, but even the cups of soda on American Idol that are used in every episode serve the same purpose. They are advertisements within the show, rather than in commercial breaks, which have a more powerful effect. I would think that consumers would recognize this blatant attempt by companies to sell products and refuse to positively respond to it. Maybe the loyalty we have to certain shows overcomes the idea that we are being bought, and we then become just as loyal to the products associated with it. There seems to be a transferal of positive feelings from the television show to whatever is showcased within it.


2 thoughts on “Product Placement

  1. Since I was not able to go to the presentation, I read your post and was not aware how much product placement does affect consumers. I remember watching one action movie, and there was a scene in a small store, and in the counter, there was a large Advil sign. While watching I realized, how much effort companies are willing to go to get their product marketed out. It does have a huge affect on us and I feel we are not really aware of it.

  2. The kind of sad part about this is that, I think, product placement has actually been happening more and more since that movie came out. Obviously, people didn’t get the message that the movie was trying to send. Product placement is everywhere even in music videos. The Black Eyed Peas (Imma Be) and Lady Gaga (Telephone) are just two examples. I think product placement has gotten a little ridiculous in the sense that it’s not even sneaky anymore. A lot of it is very obvious and people make jokes about it if there is too much in a show, movie, or video. I think that what The Truman show did was very funny and probably should have taught us all a lesson.

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