Product Placement is EVERYWHERE…Even if you don’t know it!

Until today, I was trying to figure out what topic I was interested in blogging about from last week’s presentations. All of the presentations discussed interesting aspects of media and divergent voices, but I couldn’t seem to find anything that I could make a personal connection to. But after today, I can make that personal connection focusing on product placement. 

In last week’s American Idol presentation, product placement was at the forefront of the American Idol analysis. American Idol uses product placement to advertise in a unique way. Personally, I did not know before the presentation that Coca-Cola was an example of product placement within American Idol, but the more clips from the show that we watched, the more I noticed that Coca-Cola cups were seen everywhere in the show…especially at the judges table. This got me thinking about product placement and how many people there must be that buy Coca-Cola products because of American Idol. After all, our society strives to be like celebrities and we certainly can’t accomplish that without being like the judges in a popular television show, on a well-known television network.

The product placement that occurs on American Idol is done intentionally, but to me product placement is everywhere, whether it is done intentionally or not. The current battle that I am having with product placement is the IPhone 4. The IPhone 4 has not been intentionally placed in any television shows that I watch, but lately I feel like everyone I know has an IPhone 4. It doesn’t matter if I’m at school, at work, or even in a public place…the IPhone 4 is EVERYWHERE, just like products that are intentionally placed on popular television shows.

I keep trying to remind myself that it really is just a cell phone, but in today’s society cell phones have become a phenomenon and they really are everywhere, possibly through accidental product placement. It is Saturday and since Tuesday night I have had no cell phone. My cell phone stopped working, but has honestly been a piece of junk since shortly after I signed the 2-year contract with AT&T. The last couple of days have been crazy for me…I feel so weird without my cell phone, and the worst is receiving text messages that I cannot respond to. My family and I have now chosen to switch to version since we are in the “upgrade” phase with AT&T. I’m excited to move to Verizon as a phone carrier, but I absolutely cannot stand having to decide on a phone, that I have to keep for 2 whole years! I’ve looked through pages and pages of phones, but the IPhone 4 is EVERYTHING and it’s EVERYWHERE. Even though I do not know of any intentional product placement of the IPhone 4, I do think the company has marketed their products in ways, using both mainstream media and divergent voices, to make Apple products like the IPhone 4 appeal to everyone.

My main question is: Does product placement have to be intentional? Either way, I’m hooked and can’t wait to get my IPhone 4. Better hurry, I’m sure they are already planning to make the IPhone 5 somewhere…


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