Transmedia in Sports

New York Yankees might be the worlds most recognizable sport team in the history. Is it because people watch their games? Or is it simple because the franchise has made a really good job using transmedia marketing? To me, the answer is simple. The Yankees has made its logo recognizable all over the world and used it in a very profitable way. It has also made people eager to find out more about the New York based team. Examples of this are: magazines (people buy magazines to find out more about their stars), video games (people want to be a part of something and especially their favorite team) equipment, (the fans want to use the same equipment as the players of the Yankees) and documentaries (fans want to get to know their players).

This is an example of how Sport teams can be used as a transmedic way and as for the Yankees, make people interested in what is behind the logo. Many teams in all kind of different sports are trying to do what the Yankees have done, but the question is if any team ever again will have the same popularity and recognition across the World.


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