Product Placement

After reading some of the reaction about the American idol Chapter and the Topic of Product Placement; I couldn’t resist from talking a bit more about this. It is all about product placement now. Not just in American Idol, but in most TV shows and even movies. Is the new best way of advertising. Before Advertising agencies spend a lot of time trying to create great TV commercials that will call consumers attention, but now, that is not useful anymore. The only time I can think where people actually watch commercials is on the Super Bowl; but that is because through time it has become popular for having all this companies showing the best commercial advertisement and competing almost between each other to be the best; other than that,no one really watches commercial anymore. Going back to product placement, is not only in American Idol or in TV shows, but product placement in movies is big now. Almost every movie you watch has product, placement; I would say, some are basically just product placement throughout the whole movie. In the following link you can watch some product placements in movies.

A movie that I think is mainly based on product placement is “The Terminal”. If you have not watch this movie or have watched it, but never payed attention on how hey are always advertising through product placement, I heavily encourage you to watch and pay attention to all the brands that have product placement in this movie. I couldn’t find a clip that specifically shows the product placement, but if you just watch the movie for a moment you will see is not a  very hard task to find all the brands placed on the movie.

Just to finish, I would say, Product Placement is the new way of advertising. Companies will not stop advertising to us; they will just find new ways to do so. Before they had a space to do it outside the show, if that is not working now they will be in our shows. So in he future I just see more product placement, and to a certain point maybe our shows will be all about selling us a brand or a product.


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