Semester Project: Digication

After presenting my semester project during class on Thursday, April 14, 2001, I thought that I would write a blog explaining the definition of digication, the connection between digication and divergent voices, and my personal reasons for creating a digication site since I cannot post the actual digication site that I am creating on the blog as it is being housed in IWeb until is launched at the end of this semester.

I researched digication to better understand the reasons why digication is used and the many benefits that digication has to faculty, students, and future employers for students. Digication is a managed learning environment or a learning management system that is normally sold to K-12 institutions, colleges/universities, and professional organizations. Digication allows faculty members to manage course content and to share and view student contributions. Manhattanville is preparing to introduce its faculty and students to an electronic portfolio management system, which is a type of digication page in order to offer faculty and students a unique assessment system used for collaborative learning, sharing work, and showing future employers student creations.

Digication is a rather new idea that was commercially marketed for the first time in 2004. There are features within digication, which include customizable templates, archive tools, and the ability to upload documents, spreadsheets, publications, and presentations.  Digication is a divergent way to collaborate, share, and sell yourself to future employers in comparison to more mainstream ways including resumes, cover letters, and even the newest of possible mainstream media including and Digication is a divergent way to share your own divergent voice…who you are, what you have done, what you plan to do, and exhibits of your own voice or technological display of voice such as a blog.

Personally, I have several reasons for creating my own digication site aside from the electronic portfolio management system that will soon be launched to Manhattanville faculty and students. On April 26, I will be an Internal Communications Specialist for 6 months. During the past 6 months, I have learned who I want to become, who I don’t want to become, and have been involved with several projects including, but not limited to, corporate publications, corporate presentations, event planning, technological re-designs, and currently, the company’s annual report. I have grown to appreciate Corporate America, but still do not know if I will have full-time employment with this company upon graduation in May 2012. In preparation for graduation, professional development, and career advancement, I have decided to create my own digication site to exhibit my own voice, specifically through presentations, publications, community relations, blogging, and general information about me shown through a divergent media. I initially worked with and understood the idea of digication in Professor Zoffel’s courses where students are able to not only view his digication site, but to interact with the site to complete their academic coursework…chapter end questions, classroom blogs, etc. If you would like to view Professor Zoffel’s digication site in order to better understand my semester project, click


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