Gamer’s Lounge

For my semester project I created a facebook page called Gamer’s Lounge.  It is a public page for gamers and those interested in video games.  The basic premise of this page is to give gamers a forum to discuss past, current, and future games. For example, if a new game is coming out then members of the group can post a game trailer from youtube on their post and comment on it, whether it be a good or bad take on it.  Then, other members are notified of the post and the comments and can make their own comments.

Also, this page is somewhat of an informal marketing tool to allow the promotions of games.  One aspect of this page that has taken off on its own recently is current members invite other people on their Facebook friends’ list to join the group.  New members are able to view all up to date posts.  Members, if they play Playstation 3 online or Xbox live they can post their gamertag and invite other members to play a match on Halo Reach, for example.

This page is very liberal and depends on the participation of the members.  Without gamers this page would not exist.  It started out with my personal description of the page and a post about Bethesda’s Skyrim.  Certain members commented on it and then the page took off and began to take a life of it’s own.  I would, sometimes, not log onto the page for 2 or 3 days and find a handful of notifications of Gamer’s Lounge.  Some weeks were slower than others, but the common interest of the members is definitely what keeps the page alive and continuing to grow.

This started out as an experiment for the sake of this class’ project assignment.  Now, it is something that I am genuinely interested in and hope to see to continue growing more and more.  Video games continue to be released and the classics remain popular.  I have faith that this page has infinite potential.  The more members, the more up to date the page will likely be.


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