Mville’s Got Talent

For my part of the semester project, I did the technological component for the blog, My responsibilities was to upload the videos on the blog so that people would be able to see the content, and was also able to comment them if they liked it or not. The point of the project was to show talent the manhattanville has to offer within its student community. For the first part of my process I created the blog itself, desgning the look of the site, and trying to make it feel like something that is associated with Manhattanville. That was the idea of putting the picture of the quad in the background. This was not a tough task at all and the design of the blog was created in a short time, with categories that allows people to search for students in groups depeding on the year of a performance. Next I received a DVD from my partner, from the past year’s Mville’s Got Talent. I had to rip the content from the DVD, which took a while, but I was able to get it from the disc. It took pretty much all day. After getting the whole performance from the disc, then I had to edit it to smaller videos that could be able to be uploaded to youtube. After editing each performance to smaller clips. I had to upload each of them onto youtube. THis was the only way that I could upload the videos on the blog. I, eventually, uploaded the performance up from individual clips. It was a long, and strenuous process, but it got uploaded. There are also some videos from some performances at quad jam.


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