My Semester Project

I worked on my semester project with Serena Roche. At the beginning of the semester we decided to write a satirical magazine, something neither of us had much experience with.  We choose to mimic the look of an issue of Entertainment Weekly in an attempt to trick our readers into believing that what we wrote was factual, just as The Onion does.  Our decision was to use paranormal and supernatural creatures as a lens to discuss and satirize whatever we felt like discussing. For example, we used the FBI spying on the Sasquatch community as a way of discussing Islamophobia within America. Another example is our creating an ad for a vampire blood drink that mimics Newport cigarette ads in every possible way down to the loving couple, in order to demonstrate the stupidity of cigarette ads.

When it came down to the writing of the project, we each did our equal share. We split up and wrote out different sections. I wrote two short stories, created the cover, a faux news article, two advertisements, and an editorial from Dracula. Serena wrote out the main article, the interview with a ghost, a short story, poem, table of contents, and one advertisement. We worked together on the letter to the editor, top 5, and the personality quiz. Then after each of us completed our sections, I looked over everything and made any necessary editing changes and handed the contents back to Serena. She then laid out the pages using “In-Design” to help make our project look more like a real magazine. I believe we worked well together and contributed more than our fair share to the project. Hopefully, our project works as well as we intended and it is as divergent as we believe it is. I think we did a good job, considering neither one of us had truly written a satirical piece before this project.


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