Semester Project

My semester project and my research paper were sort of related. They were both about reality TV. For my semester project focused specifically on The Real Housewives of Orange County. I began watching the show every Sunday night for several weeks. Each week I would write a blog. I usually give a recap of what had happened and comment about various parts. I would often choose a specific character and discuss the issues they were having and how I felt the were playing into a specific role. The women on this show should be embarrassed of how they behave especially since they have children who, will one day view this. I know I wouldn’t be proud to see my parents behaving the way these catty materialistic women behave. Even though I think the show is relatively ridiculous, for some reason, I enjoy watching it at times. I love to see the products and clothes that are often times featured on the show, so I added links on my blog to some of the websites for products that were seen on the show. When I was searching for pictures I came across a blog about the housewives that I found particularly funny , so I added that also.


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