Semester Project

My semester project is a blog where I talk about TV shows and the different things that they have to say about society, technology, the government, etc.  A few of the blogs are related to my research paper and then the others are just shows that I’ve watched.  I chose to do this as my project because I watch a lot of TV and I find myself talking to people and saying things like “well I think what they’re saying is…” so I decided to put it in a blog.  Here’s the link:  I’ve been posting twice a week with usually two posts per show.  There are shows that I’ve posted only one for and there are shows I’ve posted three for, but two is the average.

I’ve had a lot of fun doing the blog.  I’m probably going to keep doing it after class is over but maybe change the format a little bit so that I won’t be talking just about specific shows but also themes I’ve noticed over different shows.  I have about 16 people who follow the blog and there are more who read it, but don’t have a tumblr so they can’t follow me.  I’ve had a few people tell me they enjoy the blog and it’s kind of nice to hear that people are enjoying it because I love doing the posts.  If I continue to post after class, which I probably will, I hope that more people start to read it and suggest shows, comment on the posts, and other things like that so that the blog can become more interactive than me just telling people my opinion and them agreeing with it.


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