My final semester project is based off of the final paper that I wrote on PostSecret. The PostSecret blog is a place where people are able to send in their deepest most hidden secret without anyone being able to identify them. This allows so many more people to be able to self-disclose this information that they have been holding, feeling like they haven’t been able to tell anyone. Getting this secret off their chest, allows people to get that feeling of relief, that feeling that they no longer have to carry this burden on their shoulders any longer.

In my paper I did a content analysis of one of the books of secrets complied by Frank Warren The Secret Live of Men and Women. In this content analysis, I looked at each postcard and put them into one of eight categories. Those categories being, relationships, introspection, marriage, silly/humor, family, sex, self-abuse, fears, career, aspirations, religion, and other. I chose the top five categories, those being relationships, introspection, marriage, family and sex, and took a sampling of secrets from those categories to make my video.

When I started the content analysis I wanted to find out what types of secrets most people keep and feel the need to disclose anonymously. This information will allow people to see what issues are least talked about in society, the issues that no one ever want to discuss. Finding out this information, will allow people to see how this new media is very beneficial. Being able to communicate in a computer mediated community, where no one can see them, no one knows who they are, is really helping people deal with some issues they may be carrying around.

The reason I created this video as my semester project was because I wanted to show the secrets that people are to scared to talk about. Instead of playing music to the video, I have people’s voices reading the secrets allowed. This shows that anonymity of the secrets and how you will never know who it is that sent each secret in. The reason that you hear the same voices repeat more than one secret, is because once people start reading the secrets, they realize that they to hold the secret that someone else had posted. It wasn’t until reading the PostSecret blog that they realized this. There is a lot one can learn about them selves form this blog.



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