Semester Project..

For my semester project, I analyzed the current NFL lockout and the affect it will have on the working class people involved in professional football.  Unfortunately, mainstream media fails to recognize the financial detriment the regular working class people will endure if there is no NFL season in 2011.  With mainstream media coverage of the current lockout, society is only getting the opinions of billion dollar owners and million dollar athletes.  As the lockout continues to linger into the summer months more and more people will be impacted by the loss of a single NFL season.  With that being said, I hope with my blog I can give voices to many that would never have the opportunity to speak out. 

The fight that is occurring between the two parties refuses to recognize the common worker and with $9 billion in revenue generated annually, the fight that is taking place is ultimately demoralizing to the rest of society. With my blog, I wish to establish followers that are employed through the NFL and those whose lives have been dealt a blow by the decisions of the two wealthy parties. By writing this blog and reaching out to these workers, I hope I can come in contact with them and allow for them to voice their reactions, concerns and opinions on the lockout.  As of today, May 5th, people are still being left in limbo on whether there is a lockout or isn’t a lockout.  I know that if the lockout continues more and more people will find themselves in jeopardy of losing income.  As the season approaches, far more then the concession workers and ticket takers will be affected, it will soon be hotels, restaurants and all those who depend on the game.  I hope that my blog will continue to grow, yet at the same time, I wish for an immediate end to the lockout so those employed will no longer be faced with economic hardships.

To view my blog on the NFL lockout:


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