Facebook – What do they know about you?

This NPR On the Media podcast was very interesting. In terms of how much they spoke about Facebook, they hit every target. I never thought of the social media sight as in depth as it was described in this podcast. I believe Zuckerberg has been portrayed in many false ways by Hollywood but this podcast seems pretty true to who he is. They used his direct quotations for why he created what he created and I found that to be important. Although it seemed a bit sarcastic at times, such as when they spoke about facebook going from being impossible to get rid of to just difficult. What if Zuckerberg’s true belief was that people would LOVE facebook and never see an issue with it? Could he be so naive? I believe he possibly was. Zuckerberg said in the recording, “they just cant wrap their heads around the idea that people would build something, just to build it.” He felt that he was always being scrutinized for his intentions with facebook. I found this interesting because he was not a lonely college boy with two friends, he was just a geek who enjoyed starting and building new projects. Zuckerberg also was caught in a clip saying that “we decided that these would be the social norms now and we just went for it.” Who gave him the right to decide what the social norms would be? The world was fine before Facebook, so why did the social norms need to be changed.
Internet was believed to result in a spread of the everyday person becoming more geeky. However, over time the geek has become more geeky and the non-geek has just become more lazy. Things are not as difficult as they were so people would have to “crack a code,” they’ve been made easier by user-friendly interfaces that any modern person can function with.
Facebook is seen as the only means whose target audience is everyone. Basically everyone with internet has an opportunity to reach facebook in some way or another. In fact Facebook has been made legal in countries such as Syria because government wanted to locate and trap activists. Facebook makes is easier for people to have activists groups because in joins many who believe in the same cause together. Facebook wanted to create a trust with using real names and real lives. Could Zuckerberg just be a naive individual who believes the best in everyone? “Facebook has become a haven for activists because it makes it so much easier to get a group together against a certain cause, such as in the case of Egypt.
Under European law companies like Facebook are required to hand over information on you, as in, your personal data. Profile photos, status updates and comments. In fact you can even find the exact location of the last computer you logged on to. I found in astonishing that even when the man poked someone in 2008 it was still there for everyone to see. Under European law when something is deleted online it must be fully deleted from the database however Schrems noticed that his information had not been deleted at all. Facebook also keeps tabs on members through shadow members. Even if you visited sites that have a like button on them you are being seen by a facebook authorities watchful eye. Schrems believes that facebook will not give you all the information you ask but they will soon make it available online.
Europe seems to be way more strict with certain rule and regulations involving internet because over there, there aren’t people who cry freedom of speech and every thing that is done.


One thought on “Facebook – What do they know about you?

  1. Facebook Privacy Policies Should Be Upheld

    Facebook has made it mandatory that users use their real names and photos on their accounts and those who do not can be penalized and have their accounts deactivated. There is a higher degree of control of who can see someone’s personal information now. There are privacy settings on facebook which allow users to only see someone else’s page if they are friends with them. Some people utilize these privacy settings while others don’t. Being a college student about to enter the workforce I’m always told to clean up my facebook by career counselors and people in the workforce.
    I wonder if prospective employers penetrate job applicants facebook privacy settings. I think it should be illegal for people who do not work for facebook to bypass a user’s privacy settings to see their personal life. I also believe that certain things should not be posted on facebook if they are endangering someone’s life or what not but I believe that only those that maintain facebook should be able to bypass someone’s privacy settings to address a problem. Prospective employers or anyone unaffiliated with the organization of facebook who wants to see a person’s page should only be allowed to see their page if they are friends with them and have their permission according to the rules of facebook. The average Joe should have as much control over their privacy as an employer has control over who they hire.

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