NPR Week 2

I was surprised to hear about certain words that are labeled as “fighting words” that are and are not protected under free speech. The woman discussed how certain swear words are accepted in society today simply because they are so grained in our vernacular. To me, this argument is painful to hear. I understand that the woman speaking was not necessarily agreeing with the fact that inappropriate words having to be accepted only because they are now commonplace in society, but this is still a lazy attitude. This is the same issue I have with phrases like “that’s gay” or using the word “rape” casually. Both increase hate in our culture even if they have become commonplace. If we accept a phrase only because more and more people use it, does this mean we have to eventually accept actions, like stealing or murder, too?

I enjoyed the part of NPR about violent video games. I’ve grown up in a household where if a plastic, neon colored water gun was actually in the shape of a gun, it had to be thrown out. I thought it was interesting how people accept the challenge to make it through an entire Call of Duty game without using a gun. I have first hand seen people get too distraught over something as silly as a video game. I understand that battling to rid the world of violent video games is probably near impossible, but I thought the idea of trying to make people aware of the violence and how it can effect the younger generation is a great idea. I do believe that playing games with killing and raping desensitizes us to these issues and makes them mainstream topics and to be accepted in society, much like what I discussed about curse words becoming engrained in our vernacular.


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