Tweeting Graphic videos

After listening to this weeks “On the Media” the part that interested me the most was the tweeting graphic videos from Syria.  After hearing their opinions  on the subject I decided that I would put my own opinion in on whether tweeting the video was a good idea or not.  I feel that tweeting the graphic video of the boy with his jaw blown off may not be the best way to handle the situation.  I think that by simply writing about the video and telling your followers would have done the same amount of justice as posting video.  I think that showing this video with this boy with his jaw hanging is not necessary to get you point across.  If he had just written about what had happened and then there were people who replied asking him to post the video then maybe it would have been more reasonable but to just go out there and post something this graphic is uncalled for.  Even though through posting this on twitter made people more aware and may have helped this boy as they said by getting a team ready to extract him, I don’t feel making this boys last moments alive public to millions of people was the right thing to do.  This also shows that these social networking sites should keep heads up on what people are putting up on them.  It seem that censoring is becoming more difficult for these types of social sites to keep track of what is being put up.  if something like this can be allowed to be posted what will the sites do if a different video comes out of a terrorist group murdering captured US soldiers.  These sites need to be able to filter these kinds of videos so that millions of people don’t watch young boys being brutally killed.


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