NPR Week 2

I personally loved our discussion in class. It’s interesting to see how certain people view different things because of where they came from and how they were raised. Like I said in class today and to piggy back off of Donny’s comments if a parent reprimands their kids they will know right from wrong. Also, remembering my childhood I never had movies I was not allowed to watch or games I was not allowed to play and I believe I was raised well and became a great person.

However I do remember when I was younger we had cool games like Mario Kart and Donkey Kong not Call of Duty : Modern Warfare. In fact, you barely hear of games that are fun anymore like those games were for our generation. It’s sad to see how dependent we have become on New Media to babysit our children. So dependent in fact that its become many parents’ scapegoats for who to place blame on when their children mess up. It’s a sad sad world.

In terms of the NPR Podcast I would be considered a Virtual Pacifist because while my team is out there killing people I am hiding behind walls trying not to get bombed. The fact that Brock Soicher can play a game without killing anyone, isn’t blinding them worse? When you’re dead you feel no pain, when you’re blind, you live with that forever. Technically his violence is still cruel, so I see no point in what Virtual Pacifism technically stands for.


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