Virtual Pacifism and Young Gamers

               Virtual pacifism sends a good message to young kids that violence is something that should be avoided.  Many young kids play mature rated videogames that are filled with intentional onslaught.  Young children should not play mature rated videogames especially those that aren’t virtually pacifistic only because it tells them that malicious violence is acceptable.  When I was 12 I played a game called State of Emergency where the point of the game was to go to a public place such as a mall and go on a rampage and start beating people with a bat.  It is sad for me to say that the game was very entertaining.  If a kid with a propensity towards violence played this game they would be negatively influenced to think that real world violence is ok.

                Grand Theft Auto III is similar to State of Emergency where players commit acts of violence not in defense of their country or another just cause but for personal gain.  Though these games send a very bad message I do believe that if a person is of age it is acceptable for them to play the game.  I strongly believe in videogame ratings.  Virtual pacifism is not present in Grand Theft Auto III or State of Emergency.  The issue is whether a child who is playing these games can distinguish between what would be right and wrong in the real world.  A 1% tax on violent videogames is not necessary.  People who are of age to buy these games should not be penalized for wanting them.


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