Linsanity On the Media

I think that the media’s fascination with Jeremy Lin, the 1st Asian American NBA player in over 50 years is noble.  I am the last person to speak/watch basketball and I even heard about Jeremy Lin. Unlike Floyd Mayweather, I think the media covering a boy who was probably signed for a ham sandwich and a high five is great. I agree when Mike Pesca states, “just because someone talks about race doesn’t mean that the motivation of that person is racist”. I think it is very important to point out his race especially when it has become such a huge phenomenon in the Asian American community. A sport that is 75% African American could now be open to a new demographic. Everyone likes to see the underdog succeed and Jeremy Lin, against all odds is doing just that by bring the New York Knicks back to what they used to be.

Another topic on this episode of On the Media was about how music conveys emotion. It’s amazing the effect music can have on a person. Who knew that science was behind the reason why songs such as Adele’s Someone Like You produces so much emotion? I certainly did not. All I knew was that I either loved a song, hated it, or  had to have it grow on me.  I failed to realize that it is the simplicity of a song made interesting that I enjoy the most. After listening to this episode of On The Media, I went and listened to an artists that I would hear everyday (Drake) to an artist that I would almost never listen to (Beethoven). To my surprise I enjoyed them the same. Although they both struck different emotions out of me, I still enjoyed listening to both artist. Dan Levitin describes it best, what we want as listeners is for music to surprise us but not to much; and each artist I listened to after did just that!

-Allyssa M.


One thought on “Linsanity On the Media

  1. I liked this above blog because it reflects more media coverage the Lin has received over his race and sudden stardom in the sports world. Just this evening I was catching up on this past Saturday’s episode of Saturday Night Live (SNL) which I find can be argued to be an alternative news source also cover the “Linsanity” and Linmania” over this Asian American Basketball player. SNL, like ‘One the Media” in some aspects covers aspects of American Culture that is considered news whether it be on the basis of pop culture, politics, or current trends.

    During this episode of SNL, Jeremy Lin was made to be a five minute skit that was based on the obsession of his race and how it marks a new trend in basketball; especially for people of different races and ethnicities. In the skit, the two black newscasters consistently poked fun of Lin being an Asian basketball star. However, every time the white newscaster tried to joke about Lin he was scolded. I think this opens the door for a great discussion regarding the media’s portrayal of race and athletics and what is socially acceptable to be discussed, joked about, and/or practiced.

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