2/20/12 Audio and Notes

2_20_12 4_15 AM


Alternative & Activist Media, Ch7
The internet – from “library” to “festival” – 177-8
Commons Knowledge defined – 178
Social media wedded to information – 178, 180
Open-source collaboration vs centrally located information systems – 181-2
3 main problems cited with commons knowledge – 182-5
The development of Commons Knowledge – 185-201
The Alexandrian Ideal – 186-190
“Folksonomies” vs taxonomies – 190-197
Distrust of knowledge authorities – 197-201
Wikipedia as an example of commons knowledge – 201-209
How commons knowledge fits in as a genre of alternative media – 209-213
QUESTION – What do you thinkabout “democratization” of knowledge? Does this undermine true knowledge/wisdom? By challenging existing “systems of knowledge,” are we changing the nature of knowledge, and rules of discourse?
CASE STUDY – On the Media this week, “The Changing Nature of Knowledge in the Internet Age

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