This weeks on the media caught my attention with this linsanity portion.  Me myself being a basketball fan and a follower of Jeremy Lin and seeing how all of this unfolded was very interesting.  The part that caught my attention was when they talk about what the boxer Floyd Mayweather had tweeted about him getting all of this attention because he is a Asian American.  I had heard about this incident before I even listened to this weeks podcast and it made me think about how disrespectful this was towards Jeremy Lin.  The fact that Lin was getting all of this media was because he is Asian American is someone opening their mouths without actually seeing this kid play.  In a way what Mayweather said can be looked at as a racist statement, but in my  case i have more of a problem with him saying that there are plenty of other players in the nba that are doing the same thing, when in reality there aren’t.  Lin was about a week away from being cut from the knicks, when he got a chance to play and he went from there to one of the best most talked about players in the nbe.  If anyone follows the knicks, they can tell you that their season was heading in the wrong direction until Lin got his chance to shine.  Lins energy on the court turned the whole knicks team around and since he started his run the team has won 9 games and only lost 2.  This also isn’t just my opinion, all news casters say all the time that he is a great player, so the fact that Mayweather said such an absurd statement shows that he doesn’t know what he is talking about.


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