Will the Linsanity ever stop?

“Just because someone talks about race doesn’t mean that that motivation of that person is racist.”
This quote itself hit me in an interesting way. Why is our generation so obsessed with calling everyone a racist. It is in fact legitimate to note that Lin is the first asian-American in the NBA in 50 years or however many years it has been. They do this in hockey too. If a black man is a hockey player, such as Simmonds from the Philadelphia Flyers it becomes shocking to everyone. Wow a black hockey player? If he has a good game the hockey media causes a stir about it as if its so impossibly for a black person to be good and anything else.
What I do find annoying is that even though it has been about 3 weeks since this “Linsanity” began he is still not taken seriously. I feel its almost true that if he were black, no one would care. He would just be yet another athlete. Lin has said in many interviews he wants to just play basketball and be left alone. The media causes such a stir around him that its not difficult to notice how they would have covered a white or black person completely different. This can be seen in Tim Tebow as well. If he wasn’t so religious and thanking God for everything, he would be just another quarter back.


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