Proposal for Semester Project

For my semester project I am going to focus solely on magazines. These magazines that I am going to choose are Men’s Health, GQ, Cosmopolitan, and SELF. By looking at these magazines over the course of 3 months I am going to target how many advertisements of certain products are placed in front of the eyes of an audience. I am going to track beauty products, clothing, and alcoholic beverages especially to see how many times a month each AD can be viewed by its audience. By doing this I hope to learn more about the sales of each product and if the actor or actress advertising the product has anything to do with its sale. I want to also see how advertisements change over the course of winter – spring.

Each month I will pick up each of the 4 magazines, two that are directed towards males and two that are directed towards females. I will track the number of ads and then go back and track them again and divide them into categories by company and whether it is a clothing, accessory or beauty ad. Each week I will update all the information I’ve gathered to a blog I’ve set aside for this semester project.


There are obviously many details that will be added and changed along the way I definitely expect this to lead to a learning experience.


One thought on “Proposal for Semester Project

  1. You mean you want to torture yourself with ANOTHER content analysis? You are a glutton! I have to say, though, that this seems like it might make a better research paper, but if you do it as the semester project you’ll have to envision it in a way that utilizes new media/multimedia/crowdsourcing/user-generated content in some way.

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